You Don't Know The Whole Thing

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You Don’t Know The Whole Thing


You Don't Know The Whole Thing is a new temporary, site-specific painting/drawing-based installation at Poggenpohl-Philadelphia, a German luxury kitchen design showroom located in Old City. You Don't Know… is centered on themes of memory and transmission of information and asks the viewer to interpret context and specific meanings for themselves.  It is a piece that was partially inspired by my recent project at the Cherry Street Pier, where I was able to make a large work on-site that was meant to be experienced for a limited amount of time. You Don’t Know The Whole Thing represents an offshoot of my studio practice that explores my interest in the temporary, chance and change. I approached this opportunity at Poggenpohl with the mind-set that this is a temporary piece whose parts will be used for other works once the show is concluded. 


You Don’t Know… is a mixed media, multi-part work that engages directly with the architecture of the showroom. It is situated in a niche that measures 13’ x 91” x 13”. For this piece, I used a variety of media including, paper, reflective Mylar, clear acetate, acrylic paint and acrylic paint markers, nails and tape. The work’s dimensions are variable. Components of it were made in my home studio, but the bulk of it was painted, drawn and arranged on-site.


You Don't Know The Whole Thing is on view at Poggenpohl-Philadelphia from June 28-August 31. 


Artist reception 

Friday, June 28th




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