Matter. at Gray Contemporary 6.27.20 - 8.01.2020

gray contemporary matter. exhibition
Gallery press release:
6.27.20 - 8.1.20
Theresa Anderson, Amber Cobb, Deborah Dancy, Mel DeWees, Neil Fortune, Tommy Gregory, Sarah Elise Hall, Monique Lacy, Ernesto Marenco, Mary Bucci McCoy, Tim McFarlane, Dave Swensen, André Ramos-Woodard
Our last exhibition of this season is in my opinion the most important exhibition we have had to date. While honestly I had considered closing down for the rest of the Summer due to the Covid19 pandemic. Then, a long history of neglected attention to another type of pandemic arose by the demonstrations of many brave young activists and concerned citizens in this country to the abuse and systematic racism that has plagued the American Black community. Through Black Lives Matter this inspirational movement has now spread worldwide.
This upcoming exhibition Matter. is comprised of artists from different racial backgrounds joined together by the color black to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement along with all the protests worldwide. The works within this exhibition were not made specifically for this exhibition, but rather by their day to day studio practice. As this exhibition is less about individual perspectives and more about the unity of us individual artist’s coming together as one to support and stand against any form of racism or oppression. In show of support Gray Contemporary will donate all Gallery percentages of sale within this exhibition to Black Lives Matter Global Network.